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Here at Trinity Fresh Start, we have designed the Fresh Start program for credit challenged buyers. It doesn’t matter if you have no credit or have made many mistakes in the past. Our team of lenders and expert finance managers can find the right solution for you.

Unlike a “buy here pay here” or “tote the note” lot that provide short term loans with high interest and monthly payments most people can’t afford, Trinity uses real banks that work with all credit situations to get you a real loan. This means you can get lower, more affordable monthly payments and interest, and the banks report to credit agencies so you can build your credit.

We also stock a huge selection of vehicles. There is something for every taste, style, budget and more. The combination means you get a vehicle you love and can afford as well as a second or maybe even first chance on your credit. Aren’t you ready for a FRESH START? Use the contact form to speak to one of our credit analyst now to determine the best solution for your situation, totally FREE without checking your credit!


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