Car Repair

Our experienced auto repair team is the best in the business. If you’re looking for a reliable auto repair shop to provide general auto repair services, call our shop in Nashville, TN today. Our qualified team understands that your car is a large investment, so let us service your car and perform excellent maintenance assistance to keep your vehicle up to par. At Trinity Fresh Start, your car is our number one priority and we aim to make sure that you and your car are safely able to be back on the road. When that engine light comes on or you feel that something isn’t right, come into our shop and we will perform an auto inspection to see if there is anything we need to attend to.

In addition to car repairs, we also are a used car dealer with exceptional used cars. We work with auto financing with people who have good and bad credit. We can help refinance your auto loans and create a fresh start for those who are struggling with auto loans. We will figure out the best option for you and get started on fixing your car loans.

As the chosen auto repair shop of Nashville, TN, we offer first-rate expertise, dedicated customer service and a promise to keep your car in top condition for the best prices around. Call us today to schedule a consultation for all your car repair and vehicle services!


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